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Royal Boutique Hotel is located in Kanoni, just 3 km. away from Corfu town. Kanoni is located south of the old town of Corfu, after Garitsa, in the southern part of the beautiful peninsula which besides natural beauty, holds a significant historic site, once identified with the ancient city of Corfu. Whatever time of day you find yourself in the rule or imposing views will overwhelm you. Colours, bright blue, sea blue, emerald green are an oasis for the eyes and senses. Yet the most beautiful time to visit is the time when the sun sinks into the deep blue waters and the sky reflects orange and purple hues. Kanoni joins Perama with a narrow bridge, which creates the lagoon Chaliopoulou. This bridge has great views, ideal for a nice stroll.

Lagoon Chalikiopoulou still an important wetland home to rare species of migratory birds despite the tourist development of the region and the expansion of the airport. During the month of migratory birds observed a significant number of rare birds such as the Agriotsiknias, an endangered species. At 2,000 acres of lagoon fish farming is organized covering the greater demand fish of the island.

Homer & Mouse Island:

“From Homer’s Odyssey we learn that the island of Corfu was the last station in the Odysseus troubled journey back to Ithaca. According to the legend the Mouse Island was actually Odysseus ship, which during a storm was transformed by god Poseidon to the green rock that we all know”

Map Directions

Access to Corfu is available either from: Igoumenitsa via ferryboat, Patra’s port via ship or via an airplane flight straight to the Ioannis Kapodistrias airport, with daily or charter flights.

The hotel is 1.5 km away from Corfu airport, 3.5 km from the new port and only 3km from the city center.

  1. By Car:
  2. On Foot:
  3. By Bus:
    • By taking the KTEL buses, you can easily arrive at Royal Boutique Hotel , since there is a bus stop outside the hotel and using the frequent stops (every 20 minutes) you can also use the bus for your transportation around the beautiful island.
***In case you face any difficulties to reach our place, please do not hesitate to contact us.